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Posted:I was thinking the other day about how and why i became so interested in poi, and i wondered how far the fascination with fire goes back into my childhood. As a little girl i used to sit and watch the fire and my family used to tell me to move away because id burn myself but i didnt care I was so completely fascinated with it i never noticed the heat on my face.
I first became fascinated with poi etc when i saw 2 girls at glastonbury and i got completely taken in by it and felt it was something i just had to try.
I thought it would be interesting to hear how other people began their fascination with fire and poi, doubles, staff etc. What made you feel like you had to try it and why?, and do you think it started in your childhood?.

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Posted:Saw people spinning fire poi and staff at the Koh Phangan Full Moon Party and thought it was the most amazing thing ever! Started learning there and have kept at it ever since...


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Posted:Sheer bloodymindedness. My flatmate got a set from her sister and I was determined to be better. Plus you get to burn stuff.

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Posted:from an early age, I loved buying matches and setting things on fire (I started at age 5) I used to steal my dads matches and go into the woods in front of our house and set fire to newspapers and small bushes and then i ended up buring down half of the woods when we decided to make a bombfire beside the woods on bombfire night. Well after being grounded for 6 months I started my fire craze again only this time it was to setting fire to things and just watching them burn. I love campfires as I used to be a scout and used to sit around the camp fire until it went out at about 4am.

Then last year I went to visit a friend in Holland, and he took us into Amsterdam into Dam Square, wherew he pulled out his poi and danced gracefully around for 20 minutes. It was such an inspiration and I said I gotta try that - and now im HOOKED. Thanks Dee!!!

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