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Posted: Right, well having done two 1 song glo performances the last two

nights I've notived something a little odd that I don't think I have encountered

before . Having spun, for like 5 minuted, like a mad man,

I suddenly felt sick . It didn't last long but I certainly felt dodgy.

The odd thing being that it was DEFINATLY caused by the spinning.

I have no idea why, it was really odd. Since I moved to India I've,

obviously had stomach bugs but my general state of health has been better

then ever, what with eating three decent meals a day, lots of physical

manual work etc. The only reason I metion this is because usually I

would put such feelings down to a buggered up stomach from drinking

tap water, but there is nothing wrong with me, far from it . I've heard

that sudden bursts of activity can cause build ups of stomache acid etc .

Whats going on. Anyone got any theories, anyone experienced any similar thingy's

or am i just not coping as well as I thought i was with the heat ?



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Posted:are you experiencing the same thing when you are doing long bouts of other forms of exercise?

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Posted:maybe you need to warm up some more beforehand, or possibly not go hard out at the start. when doing a show, i start slow then speed up to psycho at the end - for dramatic effect partially - but also cos its easier on the body.

ive never felt sick when twirling - i prefer causing pain by hitting myself (got a lovely scar across the bridge of my nose after a misjudge exit from 4 bt windmill during performnace last night - thankfully audience didnt notice)

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Posted:quote: The odd thing being that it was DEFINATLY caused by the spinning.

I have no idea why, it was really odd. Ummm...if you don't know why something is happening, how do you know it is caused by spinning?

It could be anything to do with the environment you are in, lights, smoke, atmosphere, gravity of penguins flying overhead...Perhaps you are getting a bout of nerves before the performance?

Even know, i gte a little shakey just before the odd performance, which is wierd because I LOVE the limelight and have never been shy.

Think of all the things that might be associated with spinning that isn't psinning itself...maybe you will find a different answer?

Just a thought, anyway

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Posted:if it was with kero i would say dehydration and the fumes (ive had that one before)

i would suggest its more of an psycological thing, when we dont deal with problems or undergo dramatic life changes the body can behave in all sorts of strange ways. i had a similar experience where i was becomeing very short of breath for no reason at all, i went to numberous specialists and they said i was in excellent health. the cause of my problem was a fall out with my capoeira teacher who i held in high regards but who became violent and not himself. after a while i noticed that whenever i went to training, met up with capoeira ppl, trained with another group or did anything related to capoeira i was short of breath. this was a result of not dealing with the issue with my teacher, i used some releasing techniques to sever the emotional bond with my teacher and after that the problem went away and hasnt come back.

my advice would to be to look for any emotional issues or problems that you are not addressing

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