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So, here's the deal. I'm asked to do a glow stick show in some 5 star hotel

trendy pub in Chennai (India) as part of their independance day celebrations .

I go along with a big group of friends (most of whom are performing in a

dancing group), do some twirling , which goes down well cause none of these

guys have ever seen Glow poi , sit down and then am approached by some

presenter from south india's version of MTV, (SS Music), they say they think

it was amazing and ask if they can interview me outside , walk outside

and get interviewed by two network camera's about poi , how I learned

(I mentioned home of poi obviously ), etc etc.

Not bad huh. Have already been asked to do tonight aswell and have been

offered a few more shows .



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Thats fooking wiked that is...

nice one geez!

mechmechBRONZE Member
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why i pet thats great!

well done man, judos, and indeed be exelent to each other!

rock on bill....rock on ted!

Step (el-nombrie)

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nice one!


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frostypawGreat balls of fire
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argh! they'll all find out and the world of poi will be taken over by cheap outsourcing to india!

nice one geezer


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Well done!

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first of all, WOOOP!
and did we mention how much you RAWK!!
me am excited for you too.

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Nice one dude.
Keep on keeping on!

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india? does this mean that you are going to be in those elaborate and hilarious dance scenes that indian bollywood movies have?

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hey beautiful soul
so nice to see you on HoP again and hear about your india adventures` CONGRATS, can I get an autograpf

have you gotten my last emails ? hope to get a reply soon. Josh and Katinca will be in india soonish and I am sure you would love meeting up with them too

shine on

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Bows down to


KAAABOOM!! (Thunder crack and rolling clouds)

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good work man

i suggest you smoke several large chilms in celebration

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Groovy - well done mate. Sounds like you are having a wicked time on your travels

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