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Posted:Ever met anyone with an honest, and really non-rooted in this life, fear of fire?

It is really incredible, and to fire dance in front of them gives them this rush of "wow" and the heart attack of "we're all ganna die" at the same moment.

My friend is one of these people, and I find it fascinating. She won't even own a lighter or light candles in power outages. It is really remarkable. I have never seen that before.

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Posted:Hi Pele,

one of my closest friends has a similar fear, it was a bit of a bummer for him considering he lived with 2 pyromaniacs whilst at uni!

Theres a trick you can do with a 2l coke bottle and some deoderant, which makes a really cool rocket engine... he really didn't like us doing that at home, used to send him into real fits of paranoia, he'd end up standing in the corner looking very scared...

But on the plus side, I've found he is one of the MOST observant spotters when someones spinning,
and is always there with the saftey equipment should anything go wrong.



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Posted:I was afraid of fire since I was hit by a firework. Can't remember when I stopped being afraid...probably when I worked out that fire + joint =

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Posted:)spanner( my friend I know the feeling . I got hit by a fire work

whilst doing a performance on bon fire night a few years ago . I didn't

light up for months .

Hey pele , long time no speak . hows u .


be excellent to each other: safe:


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