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  Posted: Well, they're out in force again, breeding like maggots with their sun damaged skin and done-with-a-pin-and-india-ink tattoos.

White van man.

What is it about these morons that makes them feel it's their god-given right to shout rubbish that is at best, annoying, and often deeply offensive crap at any passing female. In some dim recess of their CO poisoned little minds they think we somehow find "Wahaay! get yer tits out" flattering, rather than considering it verbal abuse.

The phenomenon seems to extend to groups of 17 year olds driving along with their baseball caps on backwards and the stereo cranked up to max. Boys, it's still your mum's Saxo and you really can't look at all cool in it.

Roll on winter.

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  Posted:it pisses me off as well..

the ammount of times i have been verbally abused just walking down the street is stupid!



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  Posted:Dont'cha wish you could take down their number plate and complain :S

and any decent retorts usually go right over their tiny little minds



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  Posted:yeah jon but some might say you encourage them by obliging the tits out requests...

quote:done-with-a-pin-and-india-ink tattoos damn! now that was funny

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  Posted:quote:and any decent retorts usually go right over their tiny little mindsThe finger is priceless for these situations. Everyone knows what it means and its quick so you dont have to try and shout really fast as they drive past.

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  Posted:Move to essex. After a day or so you don't notice it anymore because it's just normal



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  Posted:Dress scruffy. Then they ignore you. Works every time! Males in vehicles are one of the main reasons that I hate skirts.

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  Posted:Guts guys guys...these guys are simply misundertood. I've been to WhiteVanLand (Pukekohe) and can understand some of their language now

White van man translation protocol...

"Get yer tits out"
"I'm a virgin, and my dick is tiny"

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  Posted:nice one charles!!

ps i just ignore them, i have better thing to do than show them any kind of reaction, which in teh end is what they do it for.

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  Posted:My husband gave me a great t shirt.....

"Never mind my tits, show us ya dick!"

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  Posted:quote: "Get yer tits out"
"I'm a virgin, and my dick is tiny"
LOL! I nearly spat my sausage butty all over my PC when I read that.

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  Posted:I read in Metro that White Van Man is becoming Shiny Silver Van Man now, the breed is slowly evolving I was in regents park last week and was wearing a backless ('cept for a couple of strings) top, a jogger running behind me actually swivelled to turn around and gawp V. rude

Summer in London - I noticed as soon as the sun started to shine - men around our neighbourhood suddenly started checking people out. I was coming home from work one day at the beginning of summer and I was convinced my dress was stuck in my knickers or some other social faux pas. I wasn't different, the dress I had worn dozens of times, but a few rays of sunshine and suddenly everybody is in the mood for lovin!

I love observing others but I feel uncomfortable when I know I am at the end of someone elses observations. On the upside, I have had some laughs talking to strangers on the street / tube, I've talked to more strangers this summer than over the past year! People in general are far more friendly when its sunny!

As for 'Wayhaaay' comments - only thing is to ignore them. When I worked in Roppongi (Tokyo's sleazy foreigner district) I used to wear combats and t-shirts as I hated being mistaken for a hostess if I did make an effort to look nice! But screw that, as long as you are dressing for you, who gives a damn!

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