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Posted:I met someone at the IT Phish fest in Maine this past week who was part of the festival and was spinning poi. I asked if I could try and she asked where I live. I said Jersey and she told me that I should come out and spin with the New York Crew sometime. She told me some park where they all meet up but I don't remember. Blame it on the drugs but I just can't remember. I would love to come out sometime just need to know where and when.
Peace, Jarrett

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Dave Statik
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Dave Statik

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Posted:I know this is REALLY old, and i dont know who you talked to, but if you still wanna come up and check out the maine community, every friday the Maine Fire Dancing Collective has a public burn at Tommy's Park aka Post Office Park on the corner of Middle and Exchange in the Old Port, Portland Maine. We have a large community, and thats just the closest meet up to you, there are others around the state. Look on FB for Maine Fire Dancing Collective. You'll find us.


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