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Posted:Hey all,

Not sure if this has been posted before (looks around nervously for pele
Non-Https Image Link
) but fealt that there'd be a few acrobatic peeps here who'd love to see this kind of skill.

You know Guille from Street Fighter who had a spinning backflip kick - this guy can do those with amazing acuracy and power! Click on this link - I wish

Click on downloads (left side of the page).
Click on Videos (now centre of the page)
Then on Joe Eigo
Then select any of these videos to watch (I HIGHLY recommend the 'Joe Eigo Flashkicks' as a starter before selecting the top one)

He has just started filming with Jackie Chan on Around the World in 80 days so hopefully we'll get to see more of him.

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Posted:great site, Bezerker, before it gets locked, i'd like to say cheerios for the link! beats me having to find his videos singly alla time!
flash kicks/folha seccas are cool and would probably whip your poi into next week
carry on carrying on, Bez!

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