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Hi there everyone wave,

I’m Olivier and I’m a passionate juggler.

I try to find if this question have been asked before but I didn't find anything...

I’m actually juggling with a fire staff that I build myself few years ago.
I need to replace the wicks of it but I wanted to try something new.
Actually I’ve got classic wicks like this:

But I wanted to try to replace them with something like this:

But I don’t really understand how is it made..
Do you have any idea? What kind of braid/knot technique is it? It look like there 8 stands but I don’t understand the way to braid them. And how it is secured to the staff? Screw (but I don’t see any), specific glue? Or just the tightness of the knot?

I saw some video on YouTube to roughly have this effect for poi, but I don't really get how to adapt it to a staff..

Thanks a lot for your help.

Happy juggling bounce2

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