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"The theater fire by Arkady Netov" presents

Genre: fantasy, mystery, stunt show, adventure, fire show, gas show, street performance.
Music by Shpongle
Duration - 20 min.

Two wayfarer wander in the darkness and the twinkling of the stars. They are in search of the temple of life. Their mission is to

give life to a new planet in the universe.
But what do they have to do to convince "the goddess of love and prosperity" to breathe cosmic energy into the empty planet, and

the new world began its journey?

Short movie
Full movie

You can download promo materials here (photos and videos):

About the theater.
Arkady Netov has been creating themed fire shows based on author's scripts for 15 years.
Unique tricks with fire, circus elements of juggling, theatrical production, storyline, author's effects on gas, super professional

team - create a fire show that has no analogues.
This show is better to see with your own eyes.

The cost of the show - 10 000 dollars.

+ The everyday rider artists
+ Transportation cost
+ Hotel for artists
+ Three meals a day for artists
+ Technical rider show

Number of artists on tour - 6 person.
The total weight of the scenery - 500 kg.

Discounts are available depending on the number of performances of the show. More information on the phone.

We are planning a tour 2020, please contact us to arrange the date and place of the performance.

Phone 1: +7 926 556 55 99
Phone 2: +7 977 529 39 28

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