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Darren Dodson
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Posted:I want to build some flaming drums sticks I can play with but I don't want them to go out too quickly while I'm playing.

My plan is to make them with wood handles then steel tapered tips to attach the wick to. Im not sure how to make the kevlar tips yet though.. kevlar rope? Flat kevlar? Thin rope with a thick core? Any ideas would help tremendously.. thank you.

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Posted:I believe that the wick idea will not work well on drumsticks. Fuel will come out on impacts and you would need too much wick to get a decent burn time if the sticks are constantly moving fast and getting plenty of air.

I'd suggest an led option would be better.

You could get a strobe effect by cutting out the led units and putting onto your sticks.
Or you could try playing with these in some way?

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