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Posted: I've got a dilemma. I recently moved into a new rental unit (a basement suite below my landlords), and whereas my previous landlord was okay with me spinning fire on the property, this one is not! I live in a small town and not a city so there are no local groups, and I don't have a vehicle or form of transportation outside of walking/taking buses, so it's hard for me to get to truly private areas. Basically, I am forced to spin in public spaces, and I really want to do it more frequently and casually. Does anyone else have this problem (no having a private yard to legally spin on)? Any suggestions on what to do? I can't give up Fire Spinning and don't want to be limited to doing it a couple times a year, it's become my favorite hobby and I've put so much time and money into my props and techniques.

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Posted:The only thing I can suggest from New Zealand is, Make a friend and get them into spinning then you can use their space good reason to visit and keep in touch. This worked for me when I moved to Timaru from Greymouth. I now run a group of about 15 when the want to turn up. Fire spreads the fun teach what you know even if it is little, so long as you know it. Good Luck G


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