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We are very happy to announce that DALI FLOW FEST 2019 is happening !!!
April 22nd to 29th at yezhulin, 2km from Dali old town.
Like the previous, this edition will be held in a very beautiful park, with a small gym and many facilities.
For those who doesn't know yet about Dali, Let's say it s a little piece of heaven tucked in between mountain and lake in the Chinese Himalayas. Many would say that Dali is very different from the rest of China, it's the perfect mix between, tradition and modernity. Dive in Dali's atmosphere and discover a China miles away from what you imagined !


7 days of workshops, juggling and flow arts performances, but also live music, DJs, Fire circle and more surprises to be announced .
Dali Flow Fest will have a vegetarian kitchen and a bar all along the festival, but also food stalls that will propose all kind of Asian and western food for meat lovers too.
We will have a camping space and camping equipment to rent. But if you fancy a proper bed, you can find some decent and cheap accommodation in the old town 2 km from the festival (prefer accommodation in the North east part of old town or in Caicun village).


EARLY BIRD 380 RMB / PRE SALE 420 RMB / AT THE DOOR 480 RMB (Early bird pass released from 1st of November! Only 50 tickets !)
PASS includes access to camping, workshops, performances, but also breakfast and the festival cup.


For Dali Flow Fest we try to be as much as we can environmental friendly. No one use one-times cups or cutlery, using maximum of local products for the kitchen. and an exclusive made in Dali bar proposing draft beers, hard liquors and soft drinks.


To know more about Dali Flow Fest Check out our website :

If you wish to volunteer or perform at the event, subscription are opened until December 31st 2018.

Check out : facebook event page

我们非常高兴地宣布DALI FLOW FEST 2019将要发生!


Dali Flow Fest将在整个节日期间设有素食厨房和当地酒吧,还有食品摊位,提供各种亚洲和西方美食。


早鸟380元 /预售420 元人 /当场 480元(11月1日发布的早鸟通行证!仅50张门票!)


对于Dali Flow Fest,我们尽可能地环保;没有人使用一次性杯子或餐具,在厨房尽最大可能使用本地时蔬生产食物,并提供当地生产的各种有无酒精饮料产品。


要了解有关Dali Flow Fest的更多信息,请访问我们的网站


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