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Location: France Lorraine

I am looking for information about playing poi with the head,
Pungmul is a traditional dance of Korea with ribbon hats that looks like pois.

Some Pungmul documentation

UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

And video on YouTube / Pungmul

I haven’t found technical documentation about the poi:
* Weight of the poi?
* Rope or stick to hold the poi?
* How is made the hat?
* How to fix the hat on the head?
* Technical moves?

I tried and it works well with:
* A GoPro Head Strap on witch I replace the camera by a poi ( but a helmet is better)
* The poi is a standard tennis ball with no ribbon or flag
* A 65 cm (25 inches) rope

Thank you

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That sounds a good project integrating with the cultural dance. How's your research so far?

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Location: France Lorraine

An old version was created near 1960 1965 and was sold as a toy "swing wing"
This toy was forbidden because it is dangerous. ( neck and cerebral injuries)

An other version is a dance movement called “Headbanging”
Health problems are neck and brain damage

I did it with no neck or brain problem but I had a strong back pain ( lumbago) the first week of training, I did it after but not too fast and after a good warming up and I had no problem.

An other problem for the beginnners is to be dizzy (seasick) with nausea.

So if you do it you must know the risk and take your responsibility.

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Thanks for the update :)

May your balls always burn

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