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Ed HalperinBRONZE Member
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I'm having a hard time finding owners of fire devil sticks. I would like to know what they purchased and what their feelings are.... Is there a copycat/fakes market? Can anyone help? Please and thank you kindly.

MalcolmMalcolmSAPPHIRE Member
HOP admin
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Location: New Zealand

Hi Ed,

We have lots of fire devil stick reviews from customers here
Maybe their comments can help you.

May your balls always burn

crimheadSILVER Member
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My first fire devil stick was Mister Babache. I liked the stick, but it was a bit heavy.

When I broke that stick I bought a Dube and like it much better. It has a good weight and has lasted almost 20 years. It's up there with the nicest sticks I have ever used.

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