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Posted:I wasn't sure if it was Kerosene, Lamp oil, or Parrafin.

It wss my first time doing it and really dark. This happend 2 nights ago

I ended up doing the flake breathing right but I swallowed about a tea spoon worth of the oil.

The oil was tasteless and clear.. it had a texture of olive oil. All I remember was the bottle (substance can be fatal or harmful if swallowed)

I had stomach aches before but now I'm having some acid reflux and I'm breathing fine for now. Does the damage accumulate over time? I definitely feel off still...

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Posted:Clearly you should be asking a doctor, not this forum.




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Posted:That is a nightmare.


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Posted:Holly Mother Of Great Heaven.
Although its late to response but it is horrible..
I hope you are doing fine now.


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