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Posted:Hey guys, so here is my story. I am touring around with an ice skating show as a technician and at the end of the tour we are going to have an inshow where all the cast and crew can do numbers for just for ourselves, we can use all the technical parts of the set so firejets, lights, and videowall. My question is that taking into account that my skill with Poi is quite limited. Front weaves right now are the trickiest thing I can do consistently. Do you guys think it is possible do get from here to doing a short choreographed number in the span of two months and if yes what moves should I Focus on which would be the best compromise in ease to learn to looking good to linking them together. I have pretty decent coordination from doing different martial arts and I would be able to but in atleast 1-2 hours daily for practice.
Thanks In advance for your answers and if you think this is a crazy idea that is an acceptable answer aswell although "go for it" and guidance how would be much more awesome :)

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