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Posted:I've been spinning with Contact Poi for a while and feel I finally deserve some decent Led Poi but don't know which ones to get. Either Pod Poi or Emazing's new Epoi would have been my first choices, any suggestions? confusedtwocents

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Posted:With my company hat on....
Pod Poi have been around a much longer time and we get the odd battery issue to deal with.
Epoi are very new but a lot brighter with new technology. From a successful LED product manufacturer. Still waiting to learn the failure rate over time, seems good so far (touching wood).

LED Poi circuit boards do take a beating. Some last better than others.
Both have warranty supported by Home Of Poi as well as a money back option if you're not 100% satisfied with what you buy.

Personally I quite happy with my Epoi

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Posted:Battery powered Glow Poi and strobe Led Poi.


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Posted:Well guys, if you concider buying Led Poi and you would like to get pro then I would consider these:

We use these Visual Poi for marketing and much more. There quite costly, only for professional use at this point, although I expect them to become cheaper in 10 years as competition of increases.