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Posted: There are three manufacturers fighting over a single market segment.

There are many segments and opportunities in the LED market. Some have more sales opportunities than others.
The single market segment I am referring to is
"Rechargeable, Lithium Ion, Select-able Modes Functions, single light source (non multi-pixel). CRE LED, Range $100 - $120"

Epoi, Podpoi and Vortex

PodPoi by Flowtoys has been active for some years. The segment they chose was new at the time and fast became popular.

EPoi is a recent player in this segment and backed by a large successful business Emazinglights.

From what I know there are no current patents stopping any others from making Led Poi for this segment.
So they are all legally justified to be there.

So , no problems? Well some say it's copying . And there will always be allegiance to the first into the segment . As well as prejudice.

Epoi has changed their marketing after an apology for their advertising being too close to Flowtoys .

Moving on....

If anyone wants to dominate this particular segment they will need to offer the best value to the customer, better product, better functions, brighter LEDs, good reputation, low failure rate and outstanding support.

As with any newcomer adjustments will be made, faults will be discovered and rectified as a new evolution of Led Poi begins.

It is difficult to predict what happens from here with regards to who stays on top. However I believe this segment is sure to advance technology in Led Poi faster than before. Which will always be a good thing. And maybe the introduction of some actual patents to protect new advancements in an ever competition market.

As of a few days ago Epoi are sold out. New stock is arriving in 5+weeks with slight adjustments made to their design already. Which just shows how hard they want to please Led Poi spinners.

May your balls always burn

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