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I want to buy a Concentrate Led Staff, I already have a fire one which I love but it's much heavier. My friend bought the same (LED) one I'm looking at and we both find we'd like it to be heavier - I could spring for the contact one but this doesn't help him haha, and I prefer the sizing options of the non contact one so I'd also rather just add weight if I can, any suggestions for us? Much appreciated, even non Concentrate specific suggestions welcome obviously. Haven't found anything helpful online :(

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id recommend looking-for/making something like this

the one in the link might not work on a Led Staff but in theory its the same idea; evenly add weight at each end securely. also with LED you should be able to use materials that would usually melt/burn as well so rubber/plastic options are possible too

cheapest option that comes to mind is duct taping an outer tube with some weight in it to each end, just do your best to keep weight balanced and you may need a little weight in the centre (depending on how much you add to the ends). issues with cheap option is it will probably not llook good/safe having it wrapped in duct tape

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