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Forums > Help! > Flame Flares whilst spinning?

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Posted:Hi all :)

We're wondering if any of our clever spinners in here can identify the "flame flare" that can be seen in the promo vid on this page:

Heartburn Entertainment

0:35 seconds in - then again at 3:23, 3:29, hopefully by now you see what I mean :)

Fingers crossed someone knows what we're on about, and point us in the direction of knowing how it's done.

Thanks in advance!

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Posted:i think that the flare is just the fuel they use; some fuel turns to vapour very quickly (eg coleman's white gas) and by not spinning off you can get large blasts like that. heres some fuel info http://fireartsmagazine.com/2013/02/know-your-fuels-whats-in-your-double-bucket-4/
when they say 'flashback' i believe it is referring to the blasts in the vid

also link http://www.heartburnentertainment.co.uk/gallery/fire/9
for those who are too lazy to copy paste tongue2

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