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Posted:So, my friend got his own pod poi recently so he just gave me his old glow poi* for free. When I was spinning the glow poi, I hit it on something and now the knob** that turns it on and off is stuck crooked and won't turn at all. I have no idea what to do to fix this and I'm afraid to break it.

*I'm not sure if the glow poi came from this website or somewhere else.

**The knob is just the type that you twist to turn the poi on, or twist the other way to get the batteries out. Here's a picture for reference:

Non-Https Image Link

Thanks for reading, and please respond if you know how to help.

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Posted:If the thread is stripped you'd be best to buy a new one.
Try pliers to get it out by twisting and check if something bad with the thread.
You may be lucky.

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