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I'm thinking about turning my staff into a fire toy. The idea would be to attach... something, to each end and create the illusion of a double sided scythe. The staff currently has a piece of 1/4' twine attached that seems to flow really well. The goal would be to have a similar feel and look but, you know, on fire.


1) The staff I want to use is made of wood. Is this a deal breaker? Or can I wrap the ends of the staff in aluminum tape & insulation or something similar to protect it. Will that work?

2) What should I do about the wick? I know that the thinner the rope the less time it will burn, but the thicker the rope the less flexibility and more weight it will have. What do you think is a good balance? Side question: What about fire snakes? Whats the difference between those and rope? Would they work better?

Thanks for the hlep.

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initially i googled 'fire scythe' to see if its been done before, this was the first result

based on that and having a Contact Sword, id say it shouldnt be too difficult but you may need to make a small metal frame of some sort for the blade

for me option one would be a thin metal frame in the shape of a blade either with rope edging or wick wrapped around it a few times.
option two (and what i think the pic has) is a cone that you will need to stitch together, should reduce the frame needed to a central bar (imagine one of the spikes on the deathstar that is really long,

personally id go for single end blade with the other a counter weight (similar to contact sword) but if you want to do it with a head at either end then thats up to you smile also, wood may be ok but aluminium tape would be needed for definite or the blade may not stay attached too long

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