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Posted:Just had a quick question not sure if this is common. I'm fairly new to poi I've been spinning a little under two months. I've realized when I do close contact tricks such as spiral wraps wth my fire poi my hands get irritated afterwards. They become itchy and sometimes may get bumps. Was hoping if anyone could give me some insight and or how I could prevent this from happening. Thanks

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Posted:unless the fuel you use causes irritation when not lit, id say youre getting minor burns (1st degree for redness, lumps could be minor 2nd degree blisters)

burns could be caused either from the metal being in contact with skin or the flame being in contact for too long, some leather/nomex gloves will stop them (i recommend fingerless as the material can reduce dexterity a bit). use burn ointment, aloe vera or moisturiser on burns (cover them with a bandage if they look serious) and they should heal up within a week or 2

[edit] also, make sure your hands are dry (ie no fuel on them) before contact tricks as the blisters could formed from oil/liquid on skin being heated

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Posted:This post if a few months old but it's always worth posting this sort of information...

What you are describing is probably contact dermatitis:
If you get small amounts of fuel on your skin it can irritate it. When you then wash when with soap or detergent you remove a lot of the natural oils from your skin making the problem worse.
Different people get this to different degrees and some are more sensitive to certain chemicals than others.

The best way to stop it is to not get any fuel on your hands.
And, if your skin is irritated use an unscented moisturiser as often as possible (and avoid washing your hands too often - even though that seems completely counter-intuitive).



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