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Hi folks! I have looked through the forum and tried to find a question on this...

I am doing a performance in a couple of weeks time, but it is indoors. The director wants the poi to look as much like fire as possible.

Any ideas what poi would imitate fire the best? Or does anyone have any tips on how to make glow / LED poi look like fire (with maybe streamers or ribbons)?

If anyone has tried this and had a really good effect, please let me know!

Thanks folks! Keep spinning!

Jim x

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LED centre with an effect similar to the podpoi fire setting (flashing red yellow orange and white) with a material similar to juggling scarves in the same sort of colours being wrapped round it (can be held with an elastic band or something) should do the trick. if you cant get scarf material then crepe paper might do as well but be careful how fast you spin as it may fall apart

it probably wont look like real fire to spinners but to people who dont play with fire it should be good enough

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