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NoxsolBRONZE Member
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Location: United Kingdom

Hello, I'm based in the UK and started fire-eating with hollow stemmed torches this week, could I get some advice on fuel please? I know white spirit is the go to but the white spirit i bought doesn't seem volatile enough for vapor pulls or body-burning (i.e. fuel on skin doesn't readily ignite) - is there something to look for on labels regarding this or a UK brand other fire-eaters have had success with and could reccomend? I noticed there's a high percentage of 'aromatics' listed but not sure if this is relevant - thanks for your time :)

ABOB - Pois'n'us
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Location: Northern Ireland

US and european white spirits are different (something to do with number of carbons in them). my friend has so far been using methylated spirits (usually a purple colour) for vapour tricks but ive read that it gives off a more harmful gas than the US white spirits

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