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Hey guys. I was just recently gifted a staff at a festival I attended after having spun it throughout the entire weekend. Needless to say, I am completely obsessed. I am looking for an LED staff that is weighted properly for contact. I would definitely prefer something with many options for the led aspect, and preferably something that is fully or at least mostly lit. The staff I was gifted is, as far as I can tell, an ultralight staff, but I hate how complicated it is to control and turn on/off. Currently, it's the only staff I have had the joy of spinning, but from what I can tell, and from what others have told me, the weight is all wrong for anything contact related. So, I am here to pick all the experts' brains for recommendations. Oh, and durability is obviously of utmost concern considering I am still fairly new to spinning (I am a natural with "spinning," but contact is still completely foreign). My goal is to eventually move on to fire, but for now, I really love pretty lights!!

Thanks in advance for any recommendations!!!