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Posted:I assume parks are out. What kind of places are usually good to go light up without legal issues getting in the way? I want to hang out with some friends and maybe burn for them in a couple months, and their backyard isn't the kind of place that would be safe.

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Posted:asked a lot on these forums, problem being its slightly different wherever you are/go; eg where i am all we have to do is have the property owners permission (public areas means simply asking police/security/council) before lighting up -theyre generally fine with it as long as we're insured. BUT in some places, such as san francisco, theres a lot of red tape and paperwork to be handled before even a practice burn. if youre in america/canada the general advice is contact your local fire department who will likely tell you either what you need to do or who should be able to help (though searching posts on here might save ya some time)

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Posted:it might be worth contacting the local council.

there's a group in my city who've managed to make it a regular event at a local inner city park which the police know about and approved of, as it's now well established to be a good group of people never drinking/fighting/causing problems, and also entertaining locals and tourists. but doing it even a block or two from there they have the normal 'carrying a weapon' issues with. So, you may be able to find some sort of compromise.