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If anyone good give me some detailed feedback on this video that'd be uber cool ^ ^
Or even just if its good or bad or what you liked/didn't like about it.

MalcolmSAPPHIRE Member
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Plenty of great skills
You could move around the floor more however I don't think you had much space.
You mixed up moves well and varied speed and direction. Try doing wraps on legs knees feet elbows and mix up stalls in different directions.
Music of course is important and it's good to vary speed with music that does the same.
I think you're awesome

May your balls always burn

Lazy GomezBRONZE Member
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Sadly I know nothing of poi frown But that looks great! I'm a huge fan of slower flow but I liked the changes between slow and fast as well. smile

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omg yeah.... i had like no space! when im outside i dance around a lot more.

ty both for the feedback c:

and i do wraps like you mentioned malcom, but only if im doing glowstringing stuff which ends up boring me after a song or two @.@ those kind of moves bore me after a while and i just kinda do whatever is the most fun for me.

but yeah, ty both ^ ^ i was thinking i need a bigger variety of stalls too.

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