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Posted:So I haven't spun poi since my girl and I split last year because I was just using her poI that I bought her. So now I'm trying to find a poi simile to the weight of hers, I bought her the monkey fist pro poi, does anyone know if there are any similar in weight?

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Kombi guy
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Kombi guy

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Posted:Hiya, the Pro series MF fire poi sets are around 400 grams per set but it would depend on what kind of poi you are looking for, are you simply wanting a set of non fire poi that are about that weight etc ? Some have extra drag through the air factors like cone poi etc and also what routines etc etc etc you are wanting to do plays a part, but as an example a set like this is about 380-400 grams also.
br>maybe take look through the shop and then in the specs all weights/info etc are listed if thats helpful
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Posted:i agree with kombi, if you want the cheaper non-fire option then look at the specs of the poi you bought her and create some yourself; fill a balloon with rice/beans/something-similar using a set of scales to gauge weight, add another balloon around it (less chance of busting on you) tie it and put in a non stretchy long sock (do x2 tongue2 ). if you want a fire version then just buy the same poi for yourself or if youre thinking LED then look for something with similar specs -id recommend podpoi myself, you can add small weights onto it if it doesnt quite feel right.


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