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So I'm fairly new to the world circus skills and the like. The main issue is I am incredibly shy in public to the point I could not perform in front of anyone, but have been banned from practising in or near my home by my family. I have an artist friend who has offered to help me make a mask in the hopes this will help me gain the courage to perform in public.

The main issue we are having is I wear glasses with large-ish frames, so most shop bought masks do not fit well over them. One ideas we have had are a Plague Doctor mask, as they normaly have a slightly domed forehead that would lift it away from my eyes enough to accomadate my glasses. Another idea we have been toying with is finding a pair of goggles that fit over my glasses, and using paper mache, or something simular to to build the face using them as a base.

Do any of you have any other ideas or better suggestions?

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Try just paint your face with is relatively "minor" masking but help me with courage and others too

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Face paint is a great idea. Or you can use a contact lense if that doesn't bother you. I was helping a buddy installing the new brake pads and fender flares on his truck when his sister came from a stage performance. As a teenager, she's very shy but slowly gaining confidence. She got this good make up artist that transform her really good.

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