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Posted:Hi Community,

first post here :) Anyways, I was wondering what kind of methods you use practice, I bet there are many tricks out there. I have tried and put a round aerobie frisbee on the wall opposite of the mirror, and (I am fairly a beginner, but the Poi learning curve is somehow very interesting) it really helps me practicing isolations to be able to visually trace the correct circle by hand. Also I sometimes play with eyes closed, to focus on movement only.

What are yours?


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Posted:its been a while since ive used any major skill building exercises other than advancing my trick bank. but i remember when i was first starting out i would spin in the hallway, using the walls as my focal point (like if that was the crowd) to maintain planes


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Posted:mirrors...not just actual mirrors but anything with a reflection (mostly windows and shop fronts). when i started spinning i watched what other people at my circus school were doing and did my best to copy what they were doing, eventually figured out that looking at my shadow (we had no mirrors at the school) made me learn better. as i got confident enough to spin anywhere i tried finding spots to see a reflection of what i was doing in order to learn new tricks and using things like walls, trees or even lines on the ground to neaten out things i already knew.........still dont trust myself not to break everything in my house tho, so no spinning there unless im too drunk to think

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Posted:Hi there.. i usually take a look th the video on you tube and try to make a training out of it! :)