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Hello everyone,
I have just arrived in New Zealand (Wellington), and have a few fire performances scheduled soon. The only problem is, I am having a hard time finding the correct fuels that I need! I use Lamp Oil instead of Kerosene, as it is clean burning and much less toxic (great for fire breathing), and I use Naptha for fire lines, fire eating and fleshing on my body. So far, all I have been able to find was a 1 litre bottle of Lamp Oil for $15 at bunnings, and no Naptha. I usually purchase a 3 litre bottle of Lamp Oil for about $3, so I think the price at bunnings is crazy! I am also very distressed that I can not find Naptha, as it is crucial for my show!

Could any friendly kiwis please help me out and direct me to a good source of cheap, BULK QUANTITY lamp oil and some Naptha? I think it is just crazy that I have no trouble finding these fuels for cheap in various countries in Asia that I have performed in, yet I can't find them in NZ!

Thanks for your input!

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