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Posted:I'm in need of making/putting together some costumes for Fire Spinning. I've read all the posts about materials but none really go into much depth about cotton blends other than the basic 50/50 blend in the chart I found elsewhere on the site. I know the rule of "all natural" fibers. I'd rather not use chemicals to spray for flame retardants since they break down and the clothing can't be washed and retain the chemical.

I typically practice in a 100% cotton t shirt and jeans. But that's not interesting or sexy for actual performance. I spin a Levitation Wand so tight clothing from toe to head is a must so my cord doesn't get caught. Most tight clothing is usually some blend of cotton and stretch element. I see lots of 90% cotton and 10% lycra, spandex, or polyester. At what blend point does the inorganic fiber pose a threat?

Check the tags of the clothes you spin in confidently. That might provide a clue as well.

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