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Posted:Hello I currently have a pair of ninja poi from homeofpoi.com. I also have a pair of beaming poi and have bought all of my poi from here, going on a decade now.

I saw a set of poi that caught my eye @ ultrapoi.com,
They look absolutely amazing because not just the head of the poi light up but also the body leading up to the head as well.

Does anyone know of any other companies that make a poi set like this or why homeofpoi.com doesn't offer anything like these UltraPoi? I'm thinking of buying them but want to make sure there is nothing better on the market.

I've bought all of my sets of poi from homeofpoi.com in the past, it's too bad they don't offer anything like this no

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Posted:Hi Tamim,

I havent seen these before, but I would say they are ridiculously expensive..