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Posted:When you want to light your poi (Cathedral) for the first time, is there a demo video that shows the complete process?
Is there a diagram that shows the poi wick and the best place to light it?
Also, soaking processes....I've read a lot on these forums already and I am really confused about the difference between the wick and the Kevlar...soaking then burning one and soaking after...then it looks to me like the wick IS Kevlar and they are the same thing......like I said really confused....any help is greatly appreciated :)

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Posted:Kevlar is Wick
Wick can also be made of Paraaramids and/or Fiberglass and/ or Cotton
Best place to light the wick is at the bottom, so the flame moves away from your lighter hand.
Let the flame get big and then start spinning :-) You can swing the wick back and forths (about a foot / 300mm) if the flame is getting the handle end hot, before actually spinning..
See http://www.homeofpoi.com/lessons_all/teach/Fire-training-video-1_2_2

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Posted:just a small bit to add to malcolms post; make sure to remove excess fuel; best method is squeezing the fire head as shown in the HoP fire safety dvd (using a towel while holding it over the dipping container -make sure to have a secondary towel to wipe off your hands). if you decide to shake them off, make sure to have sand/sawdust/something-similarly absorbent to stop any environmental impact
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Posted:Thanks for all the info! Very helpful!


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