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Forums > Help! > Question: What about Liquid Vaseline?

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Posted:Hello everyone,

First of all, it's my first time posting here, and
I'm proud to say that a long time ago, I used to swing poi a little bit, and I learned it all from the videos from HoP.
They are really helpful for those who doesn't have someone to teach.

Well, after some years without practice, I'm returning to this wonderful hobby, fire poi and fire breathing.
But, back there, I used Kerosene a lot, filtered I think, doesn't have taste... once, I used Liquid Paraffin and it was awesome,
unfortunately, now, I searched a lot to buy it, and I couldn't find, only from unknown vendors on internet.

The thing is, I did found Liquid Vaseline, and I have read somewhere that it can be used to Fire Breath and maybe to light up my Fire poi.
But, I didn't found many information on this, and I'm wondering if you guys could help-me.

How much is this toxic compared to kerosene or paraffin?
Is it possible to fire breathe with it?
Is it possible to light up my fire poi with it?
What about the duration, will it consume the Kevlar faster or slower, compared to kerosene and paraffin?

Thank you all in advance.

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It worked out... when I bought the Liquid Vaseline, I notice that it is also known as Mineral Oil, so, it made my research a lot more easier...

Here is a video:

Also, How can I improve the high of the flame when I breath fire?