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I recently invested in some Helix UltraLights (the stick LEDs). I am having some difficulty navigating through the different settings and unfortunately the guide that it came with isn't exactly very helpful. It seems when I cycle through the modes, I am only going through the different light modes and I am not able to just simply change the colors. You are supposed to be able to set it to a specific color on any of the different light modes, which is kind of the reason I got them because of the freedom to chose color settings at will.

Just wondering if anyone has any idea how to access the different colors, you'd be a great help! Also, any other tips on settings and even what you've found that looks good is greatly appreciated!

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i got mine awhile back so there V.1 so im not shur it is the same as V.2 but hold down from off position till it turns white lett go, it will go threw all colors. when it gets to one you want press the button you can select 6 colors (even black). im not shur if the selected colors work in all modes or just the first 4 modes. i hoped this helped if not pm me and ill try to help asap i knw the manual doesnt help much my freind had to show me. if yo do figure it out try this, (a color) black (second color) black (third color) black then put it in the color fade mode and it will glitch to black inbetween the colors.

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