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I would like to learn this move:

Are there any prerequisites for this? I cant do flowers or anything like that so I I don't know whether this move would be too advanced for me? The ambidextrous aspect of this move seems beyond me so thats why I was wondering about prerequisites or is it just a question of practising and eventually ill be able to split my hands better?

Also, could someone please link me to a tutorial for a basic crosser extension? If you could that would be awesome


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Posted:Hey Twig,
CAPs are a lot of fun to do and are not that advance. The main thing with CAPs is just keeping your planes straight. Cause otherwise you will end up hitting your arms/shoulders.
Like the tutorial you linked is good. If you want to see other people do it. Look here, or youtube: Playpoi, DrexFactor poi.
Also be patient and maybe wrap your poi to make it shorter.
AND if you still can't get it practice the Johnny Bravo monkey dance. Then just add poi spinning split Time & split Direction. :P
Hope that help!


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