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Posted:A number of years ago, a gentleman by the name of Adam Dipert showed me the basics of how trig functions could be used to model basic Poi flowers. In the years since, I've used these basic techniques to understand everything from third order motions to toroids and everything in between. Now, I've written down everything I've learned about single Poi patterns into a paper that not only teaches the basics of this type of math, but also outlines a system by which we can use the variables that determine these patterns to create a classification system to better understand each of these patterns.

I'm making this paper available in two formats. The first is a Google Doc that runs approximately 80 pages long and can be viewed here.

Second, I'm publishing sections of this paper in increments on my website my website to make individual elements of it easier to find in Google searches.

Hope this helps some of you out there on your flow journey!


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