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divebiatchBRONZE Member
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Im looking into buying a new set of pois. I'm a beginner and I dont want to spend too much on my first set but would really love to be good at poi. Which is better to start:
(ULTRA TAILED POI)? I would love to do LED Poi afterwards so I'm just dumbfounded with which of these two I should get first. I've been seeing videos with what looks like sock pois but have different handles. Does that mean I would have to buy separate handles for the sock poi or are those completely different pois from a sock poi?? Thanks a bunch!!


cperry017SILVER Member
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Location: United Kingdom

Hello, welcome to the world of poi!

As a beginner I found learning tricks much easier with sock poi and they lend themselves much better to LED poi too.

Tail poi look pretty to spin but you are limited (least I am!) to the tricks you can do and they tangle waaaaay too easily.

Have fun, enjoy your summer of poi!



ABOB - Pois'n'us
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my first set of poi were home made and have almost lasted 3yrs (they went and got a hole on me a few weeks ago lol) and cost next to nothing; pair of non-stretch socks for £1.50 and £0.66 for 2 tennis balls, sew on the small handle from the top of old schoolbags and voila. theres loads of methods for making them cheaply, though if you would prefer to buy then the foxy poi are probably your best option

without seeing the vid i cant say for sure but the handles used dont change the type of poi -though you will notice certain poi types will use certain handle types eg fire poi generally use leather finger loops but you can have fire poi with ball handles. use whichever handle you find most comfortable -all you need to do is get the sock/cord/chain to attach to the handle securely which is quite simple most of the time. if you go for the foxy poi then you wont have handles (you wrap the tapered end round your fingers/hands) but if you want handles then they are very easy to add

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