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LuBirdSILVER Member
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So I purchased the fire blanket from HOP. It is very heavy (but not why I am posting). The packaging states to discard after use. ???? When ordering I thought I was getting something to use after each spin on my poi heads. hmmmm

After further research I am finding that many spinners seem to use Duvetyne to help extinquish their poi. I do have access to some Duvetyne sheets, however, I am curious this groups opinion. Wondering if I just use the Duvetyne sheet for basic extinquishing after a spin and keep the blanket on hand (for safety purposes). Or, could I cut the blanket into more manageable sizes and forget about duvetyne until the blanket must be replace.

Suggestions, comments opinions? Anything much appreciated.
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beaniebobGOLD Member
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Welp, according to the HoP product page, the fire blanket they sell is a Fibreglass type blanket. One of the groups I spin with lays out a fibreglass fire blanket each burn for people to put out their wicks with, and it does the job pretty fine - I think it gets replaced probably once a year, though, and it gets rather sooty. Also if enough fuel soaks into the blanket - usually happens when someone puts out their wick early in the burn, it can get set alight, for as long as it takes for the fuel to burn off. Still works fine afterwards, and that's about it really. Personally I just blow my wicks out when I'm done, as do most of the peeps I spin with.

IMO the reason for the warning on the packaging is that it's a standard fire blanket that you can buy pretty much anywhere, and given that they (manufacturer or regulating body) can't exactly know what fire you're going to use it on (potentially a situation that could compromise the effectiveness of the blanket), it's probably a case of better safe than sorry and covering their butts from litigation.

Dunno anything about actually using Duvetyne but if you're in the US and going to Kinetic, pretty sure the peeps there will definitely be able to teach you everything you need to know about fire safety anyway. Also I believe most fire fests will have their fire areas pretty well planned out and set up, so you probably shouldn't even need to bring your own gear there. "If all else fails, immortality can always be assured by spectacular error."