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Posted:Oi, I am not gnna lie. I am a big guy! I think my waist size was a 44 at the moment. I am looking for some Comfortable clothing that doesn't restrict movement, I know at least one of you can understand this! That restrictive feeling of clothes is annoying, so I need to know where I can get some nice loose fitting pants possibly a shirt as well. Every pair of jeans I buy I find I cannot walk normally in because they pull at my legs. Anyways thanks for hearing my little bit of a Rant and maybe you can help me with my problem of finding a good plus sized outlet. (Not just an outlet with 3 pairs of pants that hit my size, I mean like full on skinny people can't shop there XP)

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Posted:unfortunately for you im skinnier than some skeletons, BUT if i want some clothing specifically for spinning then i go to someone who i know can make an outfit for me to my specifications. i got lucky having a mum who is quite good at sewing and also know a professional costume maker, both of who will make the costume for relatively low cost as long as i provide the materials needed for it. So in short, my advice is getting tailor made outfits, not just for any size being accomodated for but also you can get an outfit unique to you:D

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Posted:Thats really great advice ABOBer, I make my own clothing to spin in myself. I started sewing abt 6 years ago and keep trying to get better at it. The hardest part of the whole process is making your own patterns, (if you're that ambitious.) smile

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