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Posted:Hello all!

I'm writing a magazine article on poi - more specifically fire spinning. I was wondering if anyone had any interesting stories or vox pox that they'd like to post here in order to be included. I also have a few interviews lined up with fire spinners and was wondering if anyone could suggest any good questions to ask. Most of the suggested questions I've found online are rather dull, so an insight would be helpful!

Thanks a lot!

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Posted:Hi Dri im Freddie Alviola im a fire dancer from Philippines i lead a group called Boracay Phoenix Fire Dancers. In response to your post we we would like to share our experience as fire poi dancers, how it affects us and how it change our life. we currently got a job as Fire dancer here in Vietnam a job offer that we never expected. I use to work as a Tour guide in the island of Boracay and some of my fellow dancers used to have different work before they venture to fire poi dancing. Now it is our 6 year as a group and our 2nd years employed as fire fire dancer here in Vietnam but all of it start from hobby and we never have thought we will go this far. As trying to master the craft as fire dancer and keeping the group intact we have learn many things. just like what are the only best material to use in fire, how we can be unique from the other fire dancers, and how we could look after our health, and so on. Looking back from the past not knowing all of it because of the eagerness to learn how to play fire poi we have use asbestos poi which is health hazard material that can coz problem to lungs, lucky we have known the risk of it before we all get sick. Putting up a show never been easy because people tend to see the same fire twirl so we have think of idea on how we could make it more interesting, so we put some Choreography and a comedy skit on our performance just like climbing to a coconut tree to the tune of I have nothing smile and many different skit, but the struggle did not end there because the most important thing that i want to accomplished is the acceptance of my colleague who are gays that people will appreciate them with their talent and not look on their sexual orientation. Being hired and employed here in Vietnam just make all this dream come true thanks to our employer who been open minded. I hope this will not end here and our goal to entertain will not be mis interpret and people will learn to respect. I hope i have share some lesson and have touch other who have same experience.

This is just a brief story of my group if you're interested in featuring our group in your Magazine will be glad to answer your question its our pleasure to be part of it.

Thank you

Freddie Alviola
Boracay Phoenix Fire Dancers


Boracay Phoenix Fire dancers