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Posted:So I came up with the idea of making a pair of sock poi made out of the same material as hacky sacks are made out of, only problem, I have no clue how to do such thing. Anyone out there have the creativity for such thing???

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Posted:I think hacky sacks are made from little styrofoam beads. You could go to a packaging place and see what kinda filler you can find and sew some little pillows to stuff. You know what I did when I was teaching a beginners poi class and offered a set of practice poi included with the registration fee. I bought a ten pack of the really cheap sock poi on here without balls to save on shipping and then bought a bag of these good sized durable cute smiley face water balloons at the grocery store, crafted a funnel spout, and filled them with up with lentils essentially making my own little bean bags. You fill em up as much as you can then pull out the funnel and blow into the balloon letting the beans settle and making more room, repeat several times. Worked great!! Plus ya have emergency soup makings in case there's a zombie apocalypse and you're all alone in the wild with nothing but your poi tongue2

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Posted:Fabric poi made in 20 minutes: http://www.flowtribes.com/forum/topic/7?page=1#post-7

What kind of material are your hacky sacks made of? Suede, Faux Suede, Crochet?



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Posted:I think there talking of the panel patchwork sew jobbie thing smile wouldn't be to hard try asking a crafty mom lol

How goes it ?¿


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