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Posted:Well, I have spun fire one handed a total of three times. I made the poi myself they worked alright, however I finally have enough money saved and looking to get my first real set.
I honestly just haven't the slightest clue what to get.
Any and all advice would be tremendously helpful.
thank you smile

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Posted:Go with what you like the look of and what you think you can manage! I'd love to get some fire snakes but as I'm fairly new to this I think I might end up hurting myself! I went for the cheapest option to see if I liked it. Christmas is coming soon!


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Posted:if you look at the fire poi in the HoP shop then 'light' is the best option for beginners; they are light weight and have a smaller flame that you can get used to the experience with (not to mention cheapest option incase you dont like it)

if you have spun fire poi before and want to increase the awesome then cathedral heads (the cube shaped ones in 'medium' section of the HoP shop) are great as the weight increase isnt huge and the flame is big enough to impress most audiences, though my fav is monkey fist heads (the ball shaped ones that use kevlar rope) as i like a heavier set and the burn times are longer

next up from that are sets like snake heads, twista heads, death star heads and multiple heads. for these id recommend having at lot of experience with fire poi, so you know what your personal preferences are and what can/cant be done with them. id like to note, most of these are quite heavy and have long burn times as well which you should consider before buying

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