JaedenGOLD Member
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Location: Edmonton, Canada

I've been tossing arround the idea of getting a workshop together here in Edmonton this summer. I still have no idea about what it would entail but for the meantime I am just probing for intrest.

Are there any edmonton spinners here who would be interested in a poi workshop this summer?

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dylan_jordanSILVER Member
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Location: leduc, alberta, canada

if you were to start a work shop in the edmonton area i would be there in no time at all... i've been looking for workshops in my area since i started spinning poi. but if your looking for a workshop as well then may i sugest trying motion notion, you would have to wait till next year but it is well worth the wait and money.

hope you can set up a workshop though if your looking for someone to spin with relpy and i'll give you my E-mail

Kasara_Van_HeckeBRONZE Member
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Location: Canada

Hey. I would totally be interested. i am looking for other ppl in the area to practice and just have some fun together learning. I am all for it!

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I'm interested in learning poi I'm a beginner, but I got to sample it in the Kootenays (B.C.) and I'm eager to learn more about it!

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