Posted:I am getting my first set soon i will be making a cathedral wrap head myself still dont know if i should use 2 ft of kevlar or 4 , i wont be able to light them until in older cause my grandma hates it when people play with fire lol but yeah im still exited when i spin the poi it will pretty much be like sock poi on a chain :3
Everyone reply to me 2 things 1: 2ft of kevlar or 4 per head 2: how and where did you get your first set of fire poi and were they homemade or not

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Posted:I suggest 4ft per head of 2 x 1/8.
I made my own set of fire poi, and you have to be careful putting them together, always check your gear before you spin.

It is good having something you have actually made by hand.
Fire can make thin metal bend and break so make sure you do lots of research and do not go too cheap.

Good to hear you will wait until older. Also find someone who has experience to help you with your first fire spin.
I prefer all the cool LED Poi now, than the messy fire poi, but i am a really old fart now tongue2

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Posted:But fire is cooler im geting my first fire staff soon


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Posted:I remember when I got my first fire poi. It took me a few weeks before I could light it. :3 They're just now starting to become really messed up. What kind of fuel are you going to use bery?


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