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Natty Fire Poi
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Natty Fire Poi

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Posted:Hi Everyone,

I am looking for new people to spin with.
-pretentious jerks need not apply-

I have been spinning for 4 years now and I fear I am losing my passion and flair for the beautiful art of Poi.
It may be because my moves are as tight as a nuns bum hole,
Or perhaps that I just need a practicing buddy or a budding Poi artist as my student.
Regardless, I am sending out an invitation to all spinners located in the Auckland region to come practice with me and come to the local fire nights and just have fun with it.

a couple of old video's of mine. (to give you with an idea of my spinning style.)


cheers. Natalie.

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Posted:Hi my name is liam Carter-wilson and am about to start my hillary award and would be keen to learn Fire Spinning a one of my coarses. Look forward to hearing back. cheers liam