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Posted:i bought the new stealth ninja v3s. i love em. only problem is im used to spinning contact poi and the weight on the ninja just isnt doin it for me. i really dnt wanna just glue a bunch of washers to the bottom of the ninjas. any ideas on how to make them heavier without throwing off the balance? i dnt want em to be wobbly either.

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Posted:I'm assuming you're spinning with batteries in? I know if you leave them in all the time it will sap them, so I just let my first set die and now leave those ones in for practice.

If you're already keeping the batteries in, I don't know how much of a difference they make, but you can buy additional rubber rings here on HoP that may add a little weight.

Beyond that, if you really want to do the washers, a slightly less permanent method may be hockey tape (if you can find it, I love the stuff). It's husky, and a pain to get off, but it'll hold just about anything on.

Good luck!