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I am writing a research paper regarding modern poi history. I can not seem to find information anywhere about when the first LED poi came into existence. I am looking for the specific year and the company if possible. Maybe it was Home of Poi? Does anyone out there have a solid answer?

Thanks so much everyone!

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^This page on the Flowtoys site mentions an old 'precursor' of sorts to the flowlight, called "Streetlights" (or possibly Streetlightz) and made by a company called Coltronix. Flowtoys has been around for quite a while - not sure exactly how long, but a quick google search chucks up this post (http://eplaya.burningman.com/viewtopic.php?t=2037) which mentions streetlights as LED poi, and is timestamped at 2003.

Also I recall some older peeps (spinning-wise and age-wise), mentioning in their videos about OggPoi, which were (I think) converted Oggz - egg shaped mood lights, if memory serves me correctly.

Coincidentally, I think oggpoi were actually what inspired the new Podpoi that Flowtoys has nowadays.

I'm pretty new to all this anyways, so maybe some older (and more grizzled tongue2 ) members of the forums will know more.

EDIT: Welp, googled coltronix because why not, came up with this: http://www.coltronix.net/
br>Presumably they're streetlights (although possibly a more updated version)

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Shows some early LED lights used as Poi.

1998 - Beaming Poi made by HoP (no longer sold)
pre 1998 are Astro balls, Laser Balls by Aerotech
and a few others of LED juggling balls or keylights

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Posted:Awesome! Yep, I remember some folks having LED poi around 1999 - they must have been beaming balls! Thanks so much to both of you for taking the time to reply to me. And Malcolm, Home of Poi is part of my works cited! :-)


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Posted:Glowtoys (glow not flow) from Canada were the first to put LEDs in to poi I think at least thats what they told me some years back now when I was writing up about them

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